Thursday, July 29, 2010

Would you still get married?

So a radio station I listen to regularly has people call in and discuss their problems. I heard one the other day that I just couldn't believe.

A girl called in and said that she and her fiancée were supposed to get married this past June, and that she had been saving for her dream wedding for a long time. However, a month before the wedding she found out that her fiancée spent all the wedding money on a big TV.

She plans to marry him anyway, they've just pushed the date back so that it's later in the year, and she has to start saving money all over again. She quotes the fact that they have two children together, and everyone expects her to get married.

My thought is, WRONG REASONS! This man went and spent your money for your dream wedding on a TV. His priorities are not in order. It's not like he's a crackhead and spent it on crack, cause he couldn't help it, he's got an addiction. He's a grown man, who went out and decided his need for a tv was more important than
1) your hard earned money
2) the work you put into saving that money
3) the dream wedding you had planned out and
4) your reputation

Now don't get me wrong, there may be layers here that I'm not reading into, and I don't necessarily think she needs to dump him, but I think they may want to reconsider the whole wedding. That's not someone I would want to be making sacred vows with. What about you?


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  2. I would strongly reconsider.
    I love the quote by Maya Angelou that states: "When they show you who they truly are the first time, believe them."
    He showed little regard to her feelings when he stole the money and purchased something as frivolous as a big screen television, something that could have been acquired after the wedding.
    Not to mention, unless he contributed to the pot he should have never taken the money in the first place.
    I would not save for the wedding again, HE would be saving money for counseling or there would be no wedding!

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  4. Ridiculous. People get married way too young and for much the wrong reason these days. I think you should listen to Dan Savage haha

  5. The bride-to-be should reconsider twice even more as she has 2 children to look after and now plus one more "child"? Mmmm...

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  8. Can't help to smile while reading your post and the comments here.

  9. Dump Him he's nothing but a loser!!!!


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