Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where have all the inexpensive books gone?

I'm a big fan of reading. I will read pretty much anything set in front of me. I probably get through 2 or 3 books a week depending on what I'm reading. But what makes me angry is that books are so freaking expensive. On, I can purchase many of the computers games I would like cheaper than the books I would like, (both being under the used category). This may be because I am picky and want a book in somewhat decent quality, with the cover attached, but go figure.

At most of my favorite used book stores I've been seeing an increase in price as well. Which really befuddles me, I should not have to pay $12 for a used book that was $16 at new retail. That's not really a bargain at all, I could probably get the book NEW with a coupon that would take as much off at Barnes & Noble or Borders.

Speaking of the two major booksellers. If going in there isn't bad enough, then there's all sorts of expensive coffee and candy that tempts me while I am there as well. So aside from the Border's clearance rack (which is fabulous for cook books) ... I am making a commitment to stay out of large booksellers.

On of my favorite resources to turn to is ... if you're not a member yet, I suggest it. Also, you should write me as your recommending member, user name = maeno83, because I am awesome! And it will get me extra credits, which will get me extra books, which you should do for me, because again, I am awesome. Anyway, getting back on track. If you register 10 paperbacks with them, you get 2 free credits. A credit gets you a free paperback from anything you can find amongst their listings on the site. The catch is, when someone requests one of your books, you have to send it off and pay for postage for it to get to them, BUT when this happen, you get another credit, and another free book! Yay! My one downside with this is that I hate giving up books, so I only list crap books which I would be ashamed to have in my impressive library one day, and the problem with these crap books is that few other people want them either. Therefore, my stash of credits has dried up.

I do find and useful for used book as well, because sometimes you can find good books for around $1. The problem is, the shipping makes them ridiculous, unless you order a pile from the same shipper, which is usually what I try to do. Plus then I eventually get a big old pile of books at my door, which makes me happy.

I also joined the Double Day book club online ... you know, get 5 books for $0.99, and you have to pay for 4 books and shipping over the next 2 years. Well I bought one of those books with my 5 cheap ones, because it came at half price, and I have 3 more to get over the next 2 years. I plan on waiting a bit more for different stuff to go on clearance (about $5 on the site) so I only have to spend $20ish (including shipping) on my next 3 books. This scored me 9 books for about $40, which I think is ok.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for places to locate cheap/inexpensive books. I miss SUNY Oswego's last day of the library sale, where you could load a giant paper bag with books for $5. There should be something like that in the Capital District.


  1. Hi.
    Yes i've have noticed this also books become more and more expencif.
    Probably e-books will be the future they will become more availeble and thuscheaper i guess.
    The alternative are the many second hand stores usually theynot only carry clothing but also books.
    Have agreat day.

  2. Well I also like read and it is true that books became more expensive and they are became available only for the rich people

  3. Lovely. I liked it. Plz do visit me and leave your comment on GooTAR Blog

  4. Well I wish I had that problem! lol... I have soooo many BOXES of NEW books (over 1000 books) that I've been trying my hardest to sell at ridiculously low prices but have been unable to find buyers! I even placed ads on the usual suspect classified websites, and still no luck. Of course shipping prices is another story... I'm in Canada if you're interested, where are you located, and would you be interested in my list?

  5. Lovely. I liked it. Plz do visit me and leave your comment on GooTAR Blog

  6. Where have they gone?! Lol, As a graduate student, the book prices just keep rising, luckily for sites such as ebay and, amazon etc, I have been able to limit my expenditures! If anyone wants a rebate back, check my blog : )

  7. Time to go for the Sony Reader. Saves space and the environment.


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