Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hot new technology: No more privacy.

So with today's new Smart Phones and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter... you can assure that everything you do these days can be broadcast to the world instantaneously.

From getting married to giving birth. Now to the couple that updated their facebook relationship statuses and tweeted about their new married state at the altar. I'm not sure that's the correct time and place for smart phones and twitter. It might be, if say you were drunk, and in Vegas. Then yes, the marriage is not sacred and not profound. It is Britney Spears, and tweeting makes sense. However, you appear to have been married in a church, in front of friends, family and God... and I feel like you might have wanted to take that a little bit more seriously. The guy's YouTube page makes some statement about how they aren't all that internet obsessed, they merely wanted to share with friends and family who were out of town. Seriously dude? If these people are that close to you, they KNOW you're getting married, you can show them wedding and honeymoon photos later.

I have friends from college, who are having their second child, and keep us all updated on facebook. I'm very much less offended by this. The miracle of birth is something that should be celebrated by friends and family, and many of them will not be allowed in the hospital with you as hospital staffs have better things to do than try to find space for the 50 odd people that would love to be with you. Tweeting about birth makes a given amount of sense to me. Of course, when your child is 14 ... it may scar him, but maybe at that age our children will be used to having been on facebook their whole lives long. Of course, this will make it that much harder for any kid that was ever picked for anything to ever live it down, because there on facebook will be pictures his parents took of whatever embarrassing story/incident/time of life it was, because to Mom and Dad those stories are cute, not ones that are going to ruin your high school social life.

Then there's the dead scandal of all the politicians facebooking/twittering/playing solitaire when really, they should be using the public's money to do something productive. I just wonder if we haven't gone a bit too far with wanting everyone to share in every moment of our lives. (Or in the case of politicians & celebs ... know that we're doing something important every second of our very important lives) . Frankly, I don't care to check in with Paris Hilton ten times a day to see what she's been doing. She hasn't been interesting since the sex tape.

Now I don't want to go the way of Miley Cyrus or John Mayer and swear that we've become dependent on the internet and we shouldn't use it as often. Because, really, that's kind of stupid. We've become dependent on toliets and forks, I think Cyrus and Mayer should go without those for a week and then get back to us.

But I feel that while social networks are fun, and keep us entertained, especially on boring train rides or that slow hour at the office, I still feel like somethings should be private and respected. There won't be any live social networking at any of my major life events. Y'all will either have to be there, or be subjected to the thousands of pictures afterwards. The good old fashioned way, in a facebook album.


  1. I agree with your opinion. social network is good if we used for fun.. just for fun and not share all of our life... we still need our privacy right?? ^_^

  2. Well said. Strangely everybody seems to care less about their privacy and security today.


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