Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiger Woods, Sorry for all the wrong reasons

I know I'm late to the game on this, but it took me awhile to collect my thoughts. Did you know, that the little stunt that Tiger Woods called an apology two weeks ago, drew more viewers than the Winter Olympics and the war in Afghanistan COMBINED? Granted, EVERY major news station and channel shut down what they were doing to play this man's forced, scripted, crap excuse for an apology. Now, I for one, don't really think he owes the public an apology, merely his wife and his sponsors, but if you're going to do it... do it right, don't do what Tiger did ...

I happened to be at the tire place when this garbage came on, and both me and the man I was sitting and chatting with in the waiting room thought it was going to be about Joe Stack, flying his plane into the IRS building in Texas. However, nope, it was Tiger. In the words of the crazy man I was talking to "REALLY? This shit trumps wars, plane crashes and Haiti?"

However, as we soon found out that it was on every station, we settled down to watch and ridicule it. What I find most disgusting is that Tiger does not appear contrite at all. Sure, he's sorry he got caught. He's sorry he's losing MILLIONS in endorsements and publicity. But is he sorry he cheated on his wife and made the paprazzi even more eager to chase his children around? No. He's sorry he got caught. If he could go back, do I think he would change what he did? No, I think he would find a better way to hide it, so that he wouldn't get caught. I don't think he would alter his ways one stinking bit.

What I believe truly drums this point home, is that he didn't even WRITE that apology. It was clear from his amateur reading of it, that someone else penned it. Including stage directions. (Now pause, Tiger, look at the camera, attempt to well up some tears)

Also proving he's not sorry, was his refusal to take questions. Tiger, in an extremely childish move, chose the press, and informed them that there would be a statement, no questions. C'mon Tiger, even children get questioned by their parents when they sneak candy before dinner.

It was a bad call, all around. I mean, two months after being caught? You should have either apologized the next day (black eye, golf club wounds and all) or not apologized at all. With all the bimbos out there telling us you're every move, if you hadn't said anything, half of the nonsense would have been chalked up to rumor. If you had apologized the next day and THEN hid out, you could have gone the way of Elliot Spitzer, who sure, had to resign; but is now appearing on Colbert, and in other public venues, managed to keep his law license, and is raking in the cash again. And Spitzer broke the LAW, Tiger, he's guilty of soliciting, paying for sex, and breaking the Mann Act (which while ridiculous, is funny) ... you, you just cheated on your wife. Bill Clinton lied to the public, committed perjury. You, again, just cheated on your wife. I know you have more money than both of these men, how is your choice in PR guys so poor? Both these men took questions, lived their public shame, and came back up. They're both on top of the world right now, and their wives stayed with them. (And stayed docile during their apologies.)

I didn't think you owed the world an apology to begin with, but since you chose to make one, you should have done it right. Take the questions, live the shame and get over it. Don't hide behind a scripted apology. Because all it really said to the public was "please buy things with my name on it again one day"

Also funny was that Playboy model Loredana Jolie Ferriolo was upset that Tiger did not apologize to his mistresses. Really Loredana? You KNEW he was married, you KNEW he had kids, you KNEW who he was. You KNEW you were supposed to shut up about it and not talk to anyone about it from the get go. If anyone owes anyone an apology, you owe his wife one. And I agree with Elmer Smith about you... go "file a classless-action suit on behalf of all Tiger's spurned sluts" ... see if you can't grab some of the cash he's so worried about losing.


  1. I have friends who can tell you the names and bra size of each of Tiger's sluts, but can't tell you where there is a war going on or what happened in Haiti.

    I agree with you completely - if you are going to do it, do it right. No half assed apologies needed. He would have done better to keep quiet.

  2. How disgusting was this whole story! Now everyone can see he is not only classless, he also sleeps with the most disgusting women. I feel sorry for his wife in every way and hope she has gotten recent blood tests. I wonder if the whores he slept with will ever be embarrassed when they are old and dying (if they don't die of AIDS first)for not only sleeping around, but bragging about it, ugh? I hope Tigers story will educate enough people to teach their children not to grow up and disgrace the human race. Good luck hoping, right!

  3. I think Tiger should just go back to playing golf, the thing he's good at. We could have all been just fine without knowing about the details of his escapades.

    He and all the women are adults...they knew what they were doing. Apologies are meaningless at this point. And how can any woman believe he will ever be capable of a committed relationship?

    Tiger, go back to playing golf and let the new focus on the real issues of importance.

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  5. If only I were a better golfer.

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  7. Pretty in-depth comment regarding Tiger's scandals...two thumbs up
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  8. Tiger is not the first celebrity to have affairs, but he was pretty careless and really disrespected his wife.
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  9. I say he is only sorry because he got caught but he isn't really sorry in the truest sense of the word. In my point of view he does not owe the public an apology but he owes his wife and his family loads of apology for the hell he put them through(sorry for the lingo). I can't even imagine the pain his wife is going through right now.


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