Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebook security woes...

... so due to Facebook's recent security breaches, a recent British poll posits that 1/2 of facebook users are likely to quit. I say "horse-do-do!" Facebook currently boasts over 400 million users and if it goes down to 200 million, I will eat something hat-like in nature.

The poll gave 5 options
30% are "highly likely" to quit Facebook due to privacy concerns
30% said it was "possible"
12% of respondents said that won't leave the site
12% said it's "not likely"
And 16% have already stopped using facebook.

Quite frankly, I'd love to know just WHO was polled, because if these stats didn't include high school students, then they're majorly skewed. I mean granted, all stats are skewed, but still.

The world has come too addicted to facebook to quit. Sure you might change your privacy pictures ... or take down / un-tag those photos of you upside down on a keg in a short dress (not me though, I love those photos), but I say the likelihood of quitting facebook is SLIM.

I think the pole should have had more realisitc options.
1 - I quit and I'm not going back ever, regardless of any new privacy procedures
2 - I quit till it's safer
3 - I am quitting UNLESS there are new saftey procedures enacted
4 - I'm not quitting, but I'm taking down those photos of last weekend, and that note my opinion of the CIA's usefulness to this country.
5 - I'm only likely to quit if there are more safety breaches in the future.
6 - I'm not quitting, ever, facebook is my crack... and I'm never going to rehab.

I feel like you would have gotten more honest results.

Seriously, I'm one of those people who facebook is one of my drugs. I'm out to disprove Dunbar's Number.


  1. This is a TERRIFIC little rant! I love those 'polls'. It always amazes me because I never get asked to respond to polls nor do my friends or family so where are they getting all their stats? And I LOVE my FB account and Lord have mercy...I'm where close to a teeny bopper. And my husband who vowed he'd never N-E-V-E-R get a FB account now has one and he checks it every single night. Trust me that's sorta like an event Biblical in nature!

    Well, anyway, loved the random rant and I can't wait to read more!

    L. Avery Brown

  2. I enjoyed your article because of comments made by exploration faccebook.

  3. I doubt half the users are going to leave because of a glitch. Privacy is more of a thing where we don't need the whole world to see our kids and ridiculous pics and stuff.

    It was just a fluke, it happened once I think on a journal I had. I won't be leaving facebook for it, that's for sure.

  4. Nice rant.....I like your poll answer "I'm not quitting, ever, facebook is my crack... and I'm never going to rehab.".....funny


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