Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Alright, I know that every year, everyone makes New Years Resolutions that they inevitably end up breaking. However, my first resolution this year is not me, I am actually going to have some follow through. It's a new decade and there's a number of things I really want to do.

1 - Lose (AT LEAST) 25 pounds. I've really gotten fat here lately kids. I'm considering the Special K diet, or the diabetic diet (as suggested by my mom ... which when my Dad got Type II, he did drop 60 pounds, it's worth considering ... but I lurve carbs... lurve them)
2 - Get toned in addition to losing the weight. (I'm considering a pair of Sketchers "Shape-ups" ... plus the ice skating ring opens up, and there's some exercise)
3 - Start waking up earlier. There's all sorts of things I could do if I could convince my body to wake itself earlier. I used to be up all sorts of early and I feel like I got more crap done then.
4 - Start saving more money. My friend Tom has gotten a new job with a financial institution and has put me in fear of having enough money to retire one day. Or, ever pay off my loans.
5 - Start being more positive. Sure life is not as great as it could be, but it could be a whole lot worse. I want to start going back to church on a regular basis, and start being grateful for everything I have, instead of upset about what I don't have.

I plan on keeping a hard copy journal to see things are proceeding on a daily basis... I know that you all aren't interested in my daily... but I'll try to keep weekly updates of myself here too, that way people can judge me. Judgment always helps me succeed in my goals.

Today = weight: 180 lbs (gross I know); toned muscles: none; time I got out of bed 8:03 a.m.; money I put aside this paycheck $0; positivity - pretty good today.

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